Solar Wall lights

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Showing all 9 results

Solar outdoor wall lights are solar-powered lighting solutions that can be put up on a patio, garden, or any other outdoor walls around your property to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the outdoors while also lighting up your entrance or backyard sufficiently. If you want environment-friendly lighting solutions for the outdoors, solar wall lights are great options. They are available in a myriad of shapes, sizes, battery capacities, brightness levels, installation processes, and features. 

How Do Solar Outdoor Wall Lights Work?

Solar wall lights are heavily reliant on photovoltaic cells, light sensors, rechargeable batteries, and LED bulbs. They contain solar panels which house the PV cells- the place where the sunlight is collected and converted into electricity. Your solar wall lights’ solar panel type and quality will determine how much electricity you can generate and how fast.

The electricity is stored in rechargeable batteries. The light sensors are in control of when the lights turn on and off. Every time low light or dusk is detected, the solar wall lights turn on automatically, and till the light runs out of charge or the sensors detect light, they will stay on.

The solar outdoor wall lights make use of LED bulbs since they are more durable and energy efficient compared to standard bulbs. They are capable of lasting up to 10,000 hours without heating up like other bulbs. So, they are completely safe for use around children or pets.

Advantages Of Solar Outdoor Wall Lights

Solar outdoor wall lights come with tons of advantages, the most important being their energy-efficient and eco-friendly nature of illuminating your home. Their reliance on the sun helps save up a lot on electricity bills. Solar outdoor wall lights are easy to install and maintain, with no wiring required and only solar light installation you may find difficult is of solar shed lights due to the complex wiring requirements.  

The LED bulbs are safe around children or pets, and there isn’t much upkeep required barring the occasional battery replacements and cleaning bouts. You will get solar wall lights in a plethora of styles to best suit your needs- some serve security purposes, while others are best as ambient lighting.

Disadvantages Of Solar Outdoor Wall Lights

Solar wall lights being more or less a new technology, their prices are often on the higher side. You will need to purchase the whole set for it to function well, so the upfront cost can be a tad bit high. 

Secondly, their reliance on the Sun means if you live in an area devoid of sunlight, you are not in luck. For those living in gloomy or cloudy areas, it is best to get in touch with a landscape artist to decide on the best place for solar wall lights installation. But beware of rainy and stormy days as they can leave you without light for hours.

Are Outside Solar Wall Lights Powerful Enough?

Sure, solar outdoor wall lights are energy-efficient and environment-friendly, but are they powerful enough to replace standard lighting solutions? Well, truth be told, solar wall lights are not seen as the most efficient of the lot, but the good news is that they are continually improving. They can serve the same purpose as your everyday electric lights if you get lights with high brightness levels and strong build quality. So, long story short, yes they are powerful enough, given you go for the right options.

Things To Consider Before Buying Solar Outdoor Wall Lights

1. Brightness

Solar wall lights will differ in terms of the intensity and brightness of their LED bulbs. They typically emit brightness akin to a 40-watt bulb, unless you go for ones that have higher brightness levels. It is best to choose high lumens output if you like white and bright lights, especially for security purposes. They usually tend to offer a soft and low glow. You may overlook the brightness aspect of the solar lights while purchasing solar pool lights or solar step lights for night time decorative purpose. 

2. Battery

The battery is one of the main components of any solar-powered wall light. It is responsible for collecting, converting, as well as storing sunlight. Select a product that promises a high-quality battery, offering at least 1600 MAH. Getting solar outdoor wall lights with this battery capacity will ensure you have a longer working time.

3. Durability

With solar wall lights usually placed outdoors, there are always the advantages of easy installation and lack of wires, but getting lights with durable construction is quintessential nonetheless. Usually, you will get solar lights encased in ABS. Most solar lights, especially solar spot lights are encased with ABS feature due to them being installed outdoor.  Check if the cover feels firm and goes up to the top of the light. Ensure the lights are weatherproof and waterproof with a sustainable IP rating.

4. Extra Features

Manufacturers often install motion sensors to solar wall lights, so if you want such a feature, you might have to shell out some more. Many others offer numerous lighting modes, colors, and timers. It all comes down to what you are looking for. If you get the former, your lights will get activated every time there is a movement within a stipulated distance, making them great for patios and driveways. If you go for ones with timers, they get activated and deactivated as per your fixed schedules.