Solar Spot Lights

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Showing all 5 results

Outdoor solar spot lights are exactly what they sound like- they are solar powered LED lights that light up a particular spot outdoors. You can position them strategically as per your porch or compound decoration, depending on what you wish to highlight. You can use these solar spot lights with separate solar panel to light up a particular tree you are fond of. These high lumen solar spotlights get powered by the Sun’s energy in the daytime, and the electricity, thus converted and stored in the batteries, lights up the stipulated areas automatically at night time.

What Are Solar Spotlights For Trees?

Solar powered outdoor lights for trees are solar-powered devices for accentuating the trees you are most fond of, and in turn, improving your garden or landscape through the lighting. Solar spot lights for trees use zero electricity, and they are extremely easy to install. With no plugging in, these lights are eco-friendly, consuming no fossil fuel in the process.

If you want to improve your landscape without burning a hole in your pocket and harming the environment as little as possible, these solar spot lights for trees can be great. They are a viable alternative for electricity-operated lighting for trees. Combined with solar pathway lights, these can illuminate the entirety of your garden with no additional electricity cost at all! 

How Does Solar Spotlight For Trees Work?

Some solar spot lights for trees automatically turn on at dusk, so they do not require any effort to operate. The cells in the solar uplights for trees convert the sun’s rays into usable electricity during the day and store them in the battery. At night, the solar unit’s photoresistor detects the absence of the lights and switches them on to uplight the trees. These high powered solar spot lights for trees run till their battery runs out of the stored power or once the photoresistor detects the presence of light once again.

Benefits Of Outdoor Solar Spot Lights

The benefits of solar powered outdoor spot lights for trees are manifold. Here are the primary benefits they can offer:

  • They are highly affordable
  • Being solar-powered, they are 100% environment-friendly
  • They can ensure you and your family’s safety in the dark
  • Their installation and maintenance are hassle-free
  • Their aesthetic appeal and precautionary capability make them versatile

Different Types Of Solar Uplights For Trees

Solar uplighting for trees is generally divided into 3 types, based on their light output:  motion-activated, dusk-to-dawn, and timer-controlled.

  • Motion-activated solar uplights for trees automatically activate once they detect movement, so they conserve stored energy much better than alternative types of solar uplights. 
  • Dusk-to-dawn solar spot lights for trees operate with an automatic sensor that illuminates automatically once they detect the absence of light. They stay on until the next morning. Note that they might not illuminate as much on cold or winter days with limited sun available, so they might not remain illuminated for long hours in the dark.
  • Timer-controlled solar up lighting for trees can give more control in when to turn them on and for how long you ought to keep them running. They might be a good idea if you want to control the number of hours the uplighting devices run, as the stored battery power will be limited.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Solar Powered Spotlight

1. Brightness

First understand the intended purpose for the solar powered spotlights. Will you be using them at home to light up your garden path, to accentuate a tree/ decor, or light up the barbeque area? If so, a 120 to 600 lumens worth of solar lights will suffice.

The light output of a led ground spot solar lights is measured in lumens. The higher the lumens, the brighter the light will be. Look for high lumen solar spotlights, such as 300-500 lumens, to ensure that the area you want to highlight is well-illuminated.

For commercial uses like lighting up parking lots for your shop or lighting up a yard for security purposes, 1000 lumens or higher might be required. While purchasing solar lights for other purposes like solar lights to use in the pool or even solar deck lights, you may overlook this aspect to some extent. 

2. Type

Usually built with ambient light sensors, the outdoor solar spot lights can turn themselves on at night and off again at the hint of light. But you will find solar outdoor lights for trees in the market that are motion-controlled and turn on only when they detect mention. This saves battery and ensures security. If you want time-controlled ones, they will turn on and off as and when you set the timer.

3. Battery

Most solar powered spotlights come with lithium-ion batteries that are very low maintenance and more affordable than other fancier counterparts. The problem is they do not last long. Most manufacturers make their solar lights with easily replaceable batteries and sell the batteries should you need more of them. Lead-acid and nickel-cadmium batteries are more durable and reliable as compared to lithium-ion but more expensive, as well.

4. Solar Panels

The solar panel is responsible for charging the battery that powers the lights. Look for spotlights with high-quality solar panels that can efficiently convert sunlight into energy to charge the batteries. Also, make sure that the solar panel has a large surface area to collect more energy.

5. Installation

Outdoor solar spot lights with separate solar panel do not need plugging in or configuration of complicated wiring to be installed properly. They are usually sold as a package and thus require no add-ons. With an exception of solar shed lights, most other solar lights are easy to install. You can install them yourself as long as you follow the instruction manual. Just make sure the solar outdoor spotlights you purchase have clear installation manuals provided. 

6. Adjustability

Some solar spot lights for trees come with adjustable heads that can be moved to point the light in different directions. This can be useful if you want to highlight different areas or change the focus of the light over time. Our 32 Led Solar Spotlight for trees for instance, comes with conveniently adjustable light head and solar panels for optimizing its utility.