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Who We Are

A trio of Electrical engineers, each with about a decade of industry experience. We’ve seen the solar boom taking birth and growing to where it is right now. We’ve all have had a common interest in solar energy and it had only ever been a matter of time for us to actually work on this mutual interest of ours.

What We Do

The plain and simple fact that we can generate electrical energy from sunlight (something that is virtually available in unlimited quantity, equally accessible by all and isn’t too hard to fetch) fascinates us beyond measure. Coupled with our passion for electrical engineering and home improvement, we at Helios Glow started a venture promoting the use of solar energy and appliances that incorporate solar panels to power their functions.

At Helios Glow, our top concern remains bringing you the most contemporary advancements in solar appliances. Currently inclining more towards solar light innovations, we plan on diversifying our manufacturing arsenal to other household, outdoor and commercial solar applications. For now though, you may rest assured that you will find highly durable, best-in-class efficient and rather aesthetically designed solar lights in our collection.